Question #6

“Most of us have been conditioned to use mark making tools (pencils, pens, and brushes) with precision points to create and communicate ideas and images. How do you react to the amount of control you have when using your fingers to creating images on your capacitive touch screen? Are you able to develop a comfortable technique with which to paint and draw?”


Working on a touch screen device this semester has been challenging at times for many reasons. Especially, because I am not use to using my finger as the mark making tool. Almost all the art I have made uses a mark making tool which I have so much more control of. I do not care for the lack of control that I have with using my finger as the stylist. I have started to develop a more comfortable technique since the beginning of the course, I have found how to manipulate my fingers and the use of pressure of my fingers to control my art work. I have deiced that investing in a stylist is key in order to make certain pieces of art and can be very helpful at times. 


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