What Truely is Identity?

      So, after some time of thinking and trying to understand what truly is identity, I think I might of come to a conclusion. I think that identity is a way of presenting one’s self in an individual way that is unique to one. I do believe that everyone is born with his or her own identity. Identity helps to shape and form us as individuals into who we are. Identities sometime can be invented and/or adopted at will because even though many people try to change what identifies them as individuals there will always be one dominate identifier that will always standout. An example of this is Nikki S. Lee and her Hip-Hop Project. Below is a photo of Nikki S. Lee trying to fit in with an African American and Hip-Hop culture. Even though she is able to make her strong Korean ethnicity dominant you are still able to distinguish it through her facial structure.
     For my art-making project I decided to change my identity to an “urban, hip-hop” style. With this transformation I have oversized and baggy clothes on that hide my body shape. Additionally, I had a hat, bandanna, men’s shoes, and tattoos (drawn on with marker). In this transformation I discovered that my identity is truly both physical and psychological. I believe this so because of identity can truly be physical because I “physically changed my appearance with clothing.” It also can psychological because many people can try to make themselves think and act like other people do and force themselves to be how they want to identify themselves as. Culture and society really do shape our identities in life. Where ever you are from and whichever society really can shape us as individuals. Culture and society are key factors that many people do not normally think of affecting identity but these two factors really in my personal opinion can really change who and how we identify ourselves. 
DSC03431 DSC03427 Identity

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