Pushing the Limits?… Religion as a Conceptual Framework

For religion as a conceptual framework I had to take three different photographs that captured religion as affirmative, critical, and neutral. For these photograph’s I tried to think of different and unique ways of trying to capture these three different terms. In this project my photograph I took to capture the meaning of affirming religion was of the St. Joseph Chapel, here on campus at Holy Cross. The way I snapped the photo, I stood from the back of the chapel looking forward towards the alter and the cross that is in the background of the chapel’s wall. This photograph really makes me feel that it is affirmative because the way the light and the way the pews are aliened in a straight columns leading straight towards the alter. Below is my photograph with my first perspective affirmative.


My second photograph that showed religion as critical was a photograph of my self standing against a tree that mirrors the way that Jesus was crucified on the cross. I personally feel that I am pushing the envelope with this photograph. I believe this because you never see any one imitate the way Jesus died for us on the cross. Below is my photograph that shows my second perspective critical.

My third and final photograph is of stained glass. I took this photograph also in the St. Joseph Chapel but I believe it to be able to relate anywhere though. We normally see stained glass as a form of art either in lamps, windows, art studies and many other places. This is a form art that is normally is appreciated by many and is normally not associated with religion. This form of art is beautiful and is very peaceful and can be seen as “spiritual” depending what the artist has created to portray. Below is my photograph that shows my third perspective Neutral. 

This project really helped me with the understanding of trying to think in other people’s positions and understandings of what their definition of religion is and how they view affirmative, critical, and neutral. 


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