What is Art/Is it Art: Assisted Readymade

     Have you ever thought about combing two unrelated created object and putting them together to create something unusual and lead your audience to think about the possible meanings of your work. Well if you have then Marcel Duchamp has already beaten you to that. Marcel Duchamp created a relatively simple concept that can be turned into a more meaningful work of art. Duchamp came up with taking a man made object like a painting, chair, bolts, or metal plates and altering them or adding another object to it to alter the original object. It additional gives a second or different interpretation of the object then. He might seem a little “odd” that his at time minor alterations can be considered art but they are. One of his readymade’s are called Pharamacy which is a painting which he purchased and added two addition dots to the horizon a red dot and yellow dot. On other works he would write on them and include a sentence, which would be the title to get the minds of his audiences thinking and wondering what else the meaning of the work is.

 Image This work is Pharmacy by Marcel Duchamp.

         So for my readymade project I had to create either an assisted readymade or a readymade aided. This readymade has to be able to recreated easily to be identical. I decided to create an assisted readymade. Then when I really decided to sit down and think about what I was going to use for my readymade, it hit me. I was going to use my miniature plastic baseball hat from a Silver Hawks game. It became an assisted readymade because I attached a knotted light green ribbon to the top and center of the hat. The title of my project is “Two Can Play the Game.” My project illustrates Duchamp’s ideas of readymade’s because of my use of his theories of found, not created. I found the hat and found the bow and combined them. Both objects would normally be seen as junk and in the trash if left alone. Normally, well at least for me when you see a baseball hat you think of a “man’s sport” but when the green ribbon is attached to the top you get a touch of feminism. This touch of feminism really changes it from only seeing the hat, as just a man’s sport and more diverse. This project is mostly made with the mind and not the hands, which is another concept of Duchamp.

 This is my assisted readymade titled “Two Can Play the Game.”Image

         I enjoy looking for the deeper meanings in Marcel Duchamp’s works. It really makes you think of deeper meanings to what art really can be, which can be everything. I think Marcel Duchamp is one of kind and is a great artist and enjoy his readymade’s. I also really enjoyed this project a lot. It gives me an opportunity to look into something with multiple meanings. 


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