A Whole New World…

Well I guess I will give this a try… so here we go! My name is Maureen McDonald and I am a sophomore at one of the greatest schools in the world, Holy Cross College. It is located in the heart of Notre Dame, Indiana nestled in between St. Mary’s College and the University of Notre Dame. Enough about my awesome school and more about myself. I am the youngest of three and I live only 45 minutes away in Michigan City, Indiana. I am majoring in Communications and double minoring in Graphic Design and Marketing. I hope one day to become an Art Director of fashion magazine and cannot wait for my future to unfold. I love photography, fashion, the beach, travel, and my family and friends. I have been working at the same restaurant since I was a sophomore in high school and I became a full-time nanny this past summer for five. 

I registered for this course because I thoroughly  enjoy art and I believed this to be a great way for me to truly learn how to get a better appreciation and understanding of the meaning of the works. The concept of visual literacy to me is being able to read into what the artist is trying to make the viewer feel, see, or interpret. I expect to learn a large amount of information, background, and general knowledge from this course. So, my experience in viewing and interpreting visual culture has not been limited. Fortunately, I have been able to take part in many experiences such as art museums, galleries, design, film, and in the creating of art. Surprisingly I am not nervous at all about learning something new. I am thinking of it as a challenge to myself to become more cultured and diverse in learning something new. I am very much open to learning something new. Really, I am I promise!! Starting this blog has been fun and a learning process. Since, I can finally write more than a 150 characters #twitterprobs. This is really exciting and a creative way to incorporate the class all together with. The blogging project will hopefully help me with my visual literacy class and hopefully help me to grow in my writing skills.

     So, this is my cue to quite for the night… So I will post again soon I promise and it will be even better!!! So keep on reading cause I know you guys are going to want read more about me and this whole new world of blogging!


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